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6 Upcoming Indie Games of 2020

As part of my New Year’s resolution to play more indie, here are six indie games that I’m excited to play in 2020! Indie games have always been at the forefront of creative talent and fresh ideas, so if you’re bored of the latest new releases and are looking for something fresh, add these to your wishlist.


Want a new adventure set in a cheerful post-apocalyptic world for a chance? Then meet Eastward! You play as a young miner in a near-future society that is starting to collapse. Inspired by 90’s Japanese animation, Eastward looks vibrant with its retro-pixel art style! I can’t wait to check this one out.

Eastward is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch. Add it to your Steam Wishlist!

Mineko’s Night Market

A Studio Ghibli film come to life! Mineko’s Night Market is a whimsical adventure/simulation where you play as Mineko, a curious girl who arrives in a Japanese island overrun by cats and starts up their own stall. You’ll need to go on quests to find items for your stall whilst exploring the island and making friends along the way! And there’s loads of cats??? It reminds me of Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale which I massively enjoyed.

Mineko’s Night Market will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2020. Add it to your Steam Wishlist!


Described as a cosy management game about dying, Spiritfarer is an emotive experience where you play as a ferry master for the damned and guide lost souls to the afterlife. Build your ship and explore the world whilst making unforgettable friends. The art is hand drawn and looks absolutely beautiful!

Spiritfarer is coming to PC, Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch in 2020. Add it to your Steam Wishlist!

The Falconer

I’m completely in love with The Falconeer because it reminds me of my favourite RPG of all time: Panzer Dragoon Saga! There’s nothing more fun than taking to the skies and shooting down enemies, and what could be better than riding a falcon? It doesn’t just look fun, The Falconeer looks beautiful.

The Falconeer will be coming to PC and Xbox in 2020. Add it to your Steam Wishlist!


Announced way back in 2018, Tunic is a Zelda-inspired isometric adventure featuring the cutest little fox. I can’t wait to go on an adventure and explore the wilderness, spooky ruins, and to take on monsters with my teeny tiny sword! The world needs more Zelda-like games in my opinion, and Tunic looks adorably good fun.

Tunic will hopefully be launching this year on PC and Xbox. Add it to your Steam Wishlist!

Twelve Minutes

Announced during Microsoft’s E3 conference this year, Twelve Minutes gives you twelves real world minutes to rewind time to save yourself and your wife. It’s one of those games you’ll need to play over and over again to discover all the clues and make all the right choices for the best outcome.

Twelve Minutes will be releasing in 2020 for PC and Xbox. Add it to your Steam Wishlist!

There are loads more indie games that I can’t wait to play, but if you have any recommendations for games I need to keep on my radar, let me know!

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