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Announcing Fire Walker – the Second Book in the Sand Dancer Series!

Today is July 1st, exactly one year since Sand Dancer launched in ebook and paperback! You didn’t think Mina’s story was over, did you? We’re just getting started!

To celebrate my book birthday, I’m proud to announce that a sequel to Sand Dancer is on the way! FIRE WALKER builds on the themes of the first novel to create a powerful allegory for oppression of women and others—and the lie that you must first stop being different if you want to be accepted—and wraps it up in a thrilling Young Adult fantasy adventure.

Sin or blessing… Curse or gift…
What does it mean to be a Fire Walker?

For centuries, Fire Walkers have been locked away in temples for the sin of being born with fire magic in their veins. At last, they are free.

But when a rogue priest uses his fire magic to murder a king and set the nation on a path to war, the ruthless Prince Ravel sees his opportunity to seize the throne and rid his kingdom of Fire Walkers forever.

Mina Hawker, the famed Sand Dancer who disguised herself as a man to win freedom for the Fire Walkers, is ordered to personally lead her people to the slaughter on the frontlines of war. Instead, she races across the kingdom to unmask a conspiracy to tear apart three great nations-and blame Fire Walkers for the chaos.

When she discovers a way to prevent war, it may well bring an end to the oppression of Fire Walkers everywhere. But the cost is the end of all fire magic. Now, Mina must decide how much of her soul—and the soul of her people—is too much to sacrifice to stop the violence.

Set three months after the events of Sand Dancer, FIRE WALKER will cover the lives of the Fire Walkers as Mina steps up to protect them from enemies both foreign and at home. War is coming, and it’s up to Mina to stop it!

In this exciting sequel, we’ll travel to the western region of Sandair and explore the forests of Gaisland, Mina will finally get to grips with her fire magic and learn how to wield it against her enemies, we’ll meet Alistar’s dad and learn a bit more about the Neu Bosan, as well as meet the mysterious Hartnords and their reasonably-attractive crown prince…

They’ll be more sword dancing! Blood fire! Scary wraiths! Fez! Secrets! And betrayal!

Sadly, you’ll have to wait a little longer as FIRE WALKER will be coming 16 February 2021 by Uproar Books. But do keep checking back for news on Advance Reader Copies and the hauntingly-beautiful book cover! You can also join my newsletter for any updates.

In the mean time, you can learn more about the world of FIRE WALKER and its characters.

I can’t wait for you to step back into Sandair!

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