Sand Dancer

Announcing the Next Sand Dancer Book???

Hi everyone! I have an extra special treat for you!

I’ve been hard at work on the next Sand Dancer book, which is an alternative universe story set before the events of Sand Dancer! If you ever wondered what would happen to Mina and Fez the fennec fox if they didn’t join House Arlbond and fight Prince Ravel, then here is your chance to find out!

Check out this exciting new blurb:

In a hot desert far far away, a young girl and her pet fennec fox (he’s not actually a pet just for your information) must discover their new destiny…


In BLAND DANCER, MINA will discover that swords are cool, yes, but becoming a warrior isn’t all its cut out to be, and she’d actually much prefer a quiet life of no adventure. In this high-stakes tale of no adventure, Mina will learn what it really means to be boring and embrace drinking tea.

FEZ is a sweet innocent fennec fox (and not a pet) who also wants a quiet life chasing rats and stealing food. But one day, his food is stolen by a shifty looking camel and things get serious indeed. The camel is also not a pet.

And in a kingdom even further away, the DARK PRINCE RAVEL will also be bored, because what’s an evil prince to do without a rival? He will overcome his evil ways and also make tea. But evil tea. All bitter and such.

The fate of the kingdom rests in no one’s hands!

Author disclaimer: There is nothing actually boring about tea. There are many wonderful varieties of tea, each of which can be enjoyed with a nice slice of cake. We recommend lemon sponge.


Today I can reveal the exclusive COVER ART for this amazing new 600,000 word book!

Are you as excited as I am?

The book artist (me) tried to push book cover trends with this unique artistic style:

Look at the detail! The palm trees were hand drawn and you can see the individual grains of the desert! If this doesn’t inspire you, what will?

Bland Dancer will be released never as this is an April Fool’s ???? But if you’re excited for desert adventures with actual adventure, then please check out the Sand Dancer series!

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