Sand Dancer

Astrology in Sandair

The three nations of Sandair, Hartnor, and Neu Bosa each have their own gods, religious beliefs, and superstitions. And each have their own customs regarding the circumstances of one’s birth. Let’s start by looking at the Sandair calendar and how it relates to personality!

In Sandair, the Sandarian calendar is split between three seasons: the summer season of Rahn’s Dawn, the rainy season of Lune’s Shadow, and the spring season of Gai’s Seed. Each season is governed by the god it is named after, and Sandarian’s believe that the season you are born in determines your personality and your destiny. Let’s take a deeper look at those three seasons and the beliefs surrounding them.

Rahn’s Dawn

The longest season in Sandair, and also the hottest. Rahn’s Dawn lasts up to six months and begins at the start of the Sandarian calendar with the end-of-year celebrations known as the Solend. As the hottest season, there’s very little rain during Rahn’s Dawn and droughts are common.

Rahn’s Dawn begins on our equivalent of May 1st and finishes at the end of October. Those born in Rahn’s Dawn are the sons and daughters of Rahn, the father of fire, blood, and battle. They are known to be passionate, energetic, but have a reputation for being hot-headed and sometimes arrogant. Their destiny is to rise in leadership roles, or become heroes and warriors. Many go on to serve the military or town guard in some way, or have an interest in sport. Some Sandarian hold a lot of respect for those born this season.

Characters in Sand Dancer who are born in Rahn’s Dawn include King Khaled, Salasar Sarabond, Jonan, and Alistar.

Lune’s Shadow

The rainy season is the closest thing Sandair has to a winter, though the rains are often humid and not exactly cold! Lune’s Shadow lasts up to three months, though is considerably shorter in the southern Dusland desert. The arrival of Lune’s Shadow triggers the Cleansing, a festival where people visit the public baths or local rivers to wash away the past. Because Rahn’s Dawn often brings drought, the Water Bearers (who run the city baths and water supply) use this time to fill their underground cisterns with water for the seasons to come.

Lune’s Shadow begins on our equivalent of 1st November and finishes at the end of January. Those born in Lune’s Shadow are the sons and daughters of Lune, the mother of women, water, and the night sky. They are known to be sensitive, in-tune with their emotions, and intelligent, but have a reputation for being secretive and sometimes manipulative. Their destiny is to act in the shadows where their true motives are unknown. Many find themselves in positions of authority as scholars, teachers, or priests. Some Sandarian consider those born in Lune’s Shadow to be untrustworthy.

Characters in Sand Dancer who are born in Lune’s Shadow include Talin, Iman, and Prince Ravel.

Gai’s Seed

The less extreme of the three seasons is Gai’s Seed, the Sandarian spring when crops are planted. Gai’s Seed brings with it temperament weather and lasts for about three months. Many training regimes, such as the Academy, begin in Gai’s Seed. It is also known as the season of love where many courtships and marriages take place!

Gai’s Seed begins on our equivalent of 1st February and finishes at the end of April. Those born in Gai’s Seed are the sons and daughters of Gai, the patron of children, nature, and healing. They are known to be friendly, loyal, and laid back, but have a reputation for being lazy and sometimes weak-willed. Their destiny is to serve Gai as healers, farmers, or by putting their families first. Many do become healers or farmers, though many more become merchants. Some Sandarian consider those born in Gai’s Seed to be lazy and prone to flights of fancy.

Characters in Sand Dancer who are born in Gai’s Seed include Prince Rais, Raj, and our Main Character, Mina.

Does your birthday match up with the Sandarian calendar? It doesn’t matter if you don’t think so; Mina doesn’t agree that being born in Gai’s Seed determines her destiny, either!

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