August 2020 Monthly Roundup

It’s the start of September which means summer is now official over. Every year I plan to drag myself to the beach and relax under the sun whilst reading a good book or two, and every year I miss out for some reason or other, like the poor weather. Well, I missed out again this year, but at least I had an excuse this time. Maybe we’ll all have a better summer come 2021.

But it’s not all been bad. This month I’ve been working hard on Sand Dancer book three! I know! Book Two isn’t even here yet!

What I’m Writing

I’ve finally completed my draft of Sand Dancer book three! I have a name in mind but can’t share it yet, not when we’ve yet to show off the amazing cover for Fire Walker! It’s weird being an author when you’re living in the future and no one has had the chance to see what Mina and co get up to in Book Two. There’s lots of fiery action, that’s all I can say.

Soon I’ll start thinking about other stories and begin planning and world building those, but for now, I plan to catch up on my much neglected reading pile.

What I’m Reading

So honestly, I’ve not read much fiction this month besides fantasy blogs and self-help books. The pandemic has kinda got under my skin this month, so I’ve just been going through my old comfort reads, namely Tamora Pierce and Sarah J. Maas!

But now I’ve reached a writing milestone, I’ll be devouring the books sat on my desk that have been eyeing me up for weeks… Yes, I’m looking at you, Empire of Gold!

What I’m Playing

Oh God I have fallen into my Skyrim addiction again. I can’t say I’ve been “playing” Skyrim as opposed to modding it, but I have been completely obsessed with Tamriel lately. I’m thinking of playing Elder Scrolls Online, but well, I do have books to read!

I’ve also been playing Fall Guys this month too, which is this crazy and colourful multiplayer game. Take a look at the trailer!

So that’s been my summer. Now it’s time to wind down into Autumn with a lot of fantasy to read…

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