February 2020 Monthly Roundup

So this month went by fairly quickly (I wonder why?) and hey! Look! Today’s a leap year day! Which makes it extra special.

As promised, here is my round up of the month so you can see what trouble I’ve been getting up to.

What I’m Writing

So this month I’ve been working on some short stories set in the world of Sand Dancer which are now finished and sitting with a couple of beta readers. I hope to get these finalised soon! I also started looking at writing a couple of novella’s which expand on two neglected parts of book one: Mina’s time training in Arlent, and her studies in the Academy.

I gotta be honest though, this month I was super distracted with ideas for whole new stories! I couldn’t jot them down fast enough. There’s so many fantasy worlds out there that I’m desperate to explore, I’m not sure where to go next, but don’t worry, Sandair will always come first!

For March, I am itching to get back to Sand Dancer book two and get some edits done…

What I’m Reading

I finished reading the darkly hilarious Always Greener by J. R. H Lawless, which you can now buy from Uproar Books! I plan to start reading gothic fantasy Asperfell at some point, but this month I discovered the Grishaverse and I fell in deep, you guys. I literally read the Shadow and Bone trilogy in three days. I am so desperate for the Netflix adaptation now, but first I have to start Six of Crows.

The new Sarah J Maas book, Crescent City, comes out in the first week of March however and I get the feeling that’s going to take over my life. I really enjoyed both the Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses series, so I’m eager to see how Mass will approach writing an adult fantasy book. Though one may argue her YA fantasy books were adult enough…

What I’m Playing

Yeah I’m still playing Stardew Valley. What can I say? It’s a relaxing game!

I did start a new farm though… I’m just never happy.

The Final Fantasy VII remake comes out soon. I am seriously considering buying a PlayStation 4 because FF7 was my LIFE when I was a teenager. It’s one of my favourite games of all time! But of course, getting a new gaming console will cut into my precious writing time. It’s a dilemma!

Well, that’s it for a rather short month. Here’s to a productive March!

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