Cast of Characters

A list of all characters, including named minor characters, who appear in Fire Walker.

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For reference:

  • Solander: A Solander comes from the northern mountainous region of Sandair, the Solands, and they are known for their dark hair, dark eyes, tanned bronze skin, and hot-headed temperament. They are a proud people who believe in Sandarian strength.
  • Gaislander: A Gaislander comes from the western woodland region of Sandair, Gaisland, and they are known for their dark hair, dark eyes, brown skin, and jovial temperament. They are a laid back people who enjoy culture and nature.
  • Duslander: A Duslander comes from the southern desert region of Sandair, the Duslands, and they are known for their dark hair, dark eyes, dark brown skin, and serious temperament. They are a traditional people and some still live within tribes.
  • Neu Bosan: A Neu Bosan comes from the western isles of Neu Bosa and they are known for their dark hair, green eyes, olive skin, and curious disposition. They are an inventive but secretive race who are allied to Sandair.
  • Hartnord: A Hartnord comes from the northern kingdom of Hartnor and they are known for their pale skin, brightly coloured hair and eyes, and religious obedience. They have often warred with Sandair throughout history.

Learn more about the Sandarian regions and their culture.

House Arlbond

  • Mina Hawker: A 17-year-old Duslander and member of the Lunei tribe. The main character of Fire Walker.
  • Talin: Mina’s Duslander father and sorran to King Khaled.
  • Jonan: A Solander. Mina’s Fire Walker teacher.
  • Iman: The Stewardess to House Arlbond and Talin’s half-sister. A Duslander.
  • Tira: Mina’s late mother.
  • Fez: Mina’s pet fennec fox.
  • Luna: Mina’s white mare.

The Bright Solara

  • Khaled: The King of Sandair. A Solander.
  • Ravel: A 19-year-old Solander prince to. The antagonist to Mina.
  • Rais: A 16-year-old Solander prince. Twin to Aniya.
  • Aniya: A 16-year-old Solander princess. Twin to Rais.
  • Aniya the Older: The late sister of Khaled.

House Sarabond

  • Salasar: The Sword of Solus. A Solander who serves the King and is commander of Sandair’s armies.
  • Karina: The High Priestess of Lune and Salasar’s wife. Mother to Kasara. A Solander.
  • Kasara: A 16-year-old Solander. Daughter to Salasar and Karina.

House Fellbond

  • Cyrus: A 19-year-old Solander. Friend to Ravel and Zavar. Known to be a bully.
  • Farzad: Cyrus’s father and Solander Houseman. Head of House Fellbond.

House Xanbond

  • Zavar: A 19-year-old Solander. Cousin and sorran to Ravel. Friend to Ravel and Cyrus.
  • Zahir: Zavar’s Solander father and Head of House Xanbond.
  • Vida: The Queen of Sandair. A Solander.

House Darabond

  • Darian Darabond: The Solander head of House Darabond.

House Khalbad

  • Khan: A Duslander and Head of House Khalbond.
  • Barahn: An ex-Duslander and Houseman.

House Grebond

  • Nazim: The Guardian of Gai. A Gaislander who serves the King.

House Enaibond

  • Rajesh: AKA Raj. A 17-year-old Gaislander who studies at the Academy and wants to become a Green Hand. Friend of Mina and Alistar.
  • Hana: Raj’s Gaislander mother and head of House Enaibond.

House Myrbond

  • Alistar: AKA Ali. A 18-year-old Neu Bosan from Gaisland who studies at the Academy. Friend of Mina and Raj.
  • Hiram: Alistar’s Neu Bosan father and head of House Myrbond.

Temple Acolytes

  • Leila: A Duslander and the High Priestess of Rahn. She runs the Temple of Rahn and is also a member of the Lunei tribe.
  • Saeed: A male Solander Fire Walker. One of Leila’s lackeys.
  • Samira: A female Solander Fire Walker. One of Leila’s lackeys.
  • Dahn: A Duslander Fire Walker from Khalbad.
  • Bahri: A Solander Fire Walker and ex-fisherman.
  • Qareem: A Gaislander Fire Walker and ex-cook.
  • Amin: A Solander Fire Walker. Married to Marek.
  • Marek: A Duslander Fire Walker. Married to Amin.

The Hartnords

  • Wulfhart: The Crown Prince of Hartnor. A Hartnord.
  • Reinhart: The King of Hartnor. A Hartnord.
  • Falkner: Guardian to the Hartnord royal family. A Hartnord.
  • Gareth: The Hartnord sorran to King Khaled.

Street Rats

  • Kamran: A young Solander boy and baker’s son. He is a Fire Walker.
  • Garr: A 18-year-old Solander street rat who finds himself in the Temple of Rahn.


  • Dustan Hawker: The Duslander who raised Mina as a child in Khalbad.
  • Youseff: A Fire Walker runaway.
  • Malik the Merciless: A legendary Lunei hero who went on adventures. His tales are still told amongst children.