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Fire Walker Cover Reveal and Release Date!

We’re less than one month until Fire Walker launches into your hands! Set three months after the events of Sand Dancer, this fiery sequel continues the story of Mina Hawker with more sword dancing, fire magic, and dark secrets as we explore the western lands of Sandair and delve into what it means to be a Fire Walker.

Riots in the streets. Assassins in the palace. Armies on the march.

The Fire Walkers are paying for their freedom with their blood.

For centuries, Fire Walkers have been locked away in temples for the sin of being born with fire magic in their veins. At last, they are free.

But when a king is assassinated by fire magic, the people demand war. And the ruthless Prince Ravel sees his opportunity to seize the throne and rid his kingdom of Fire Walkers forever.

Mina Arlbond, the famed Sand Dancer who disguised herself as a man to win freedom for the Fire Walkers, is ordered to personally lead her people to the slaughter on the front lines of war. Instead, she races across the kingdom to unmask a conspiracy that threatens to tear apart three great nations—and blame Fire Walkers for the chaos.

When she discovers a chance to prevent the war and end the oppression of Fire Walkers forever, Mina must decide how much of her soul—and the soul of her people—is too much to sacrifice to stop the violence.

Fire Walker will launch on ebook on February 23rd! Paperback copies will follow in spring. You can pre-order Fire Walker on Amazon now. Don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads!

Ah, but you probably want to see this amazing cover, right? Well, here we are:

Embrace the Fire Within

This cover features the main character of the Sand Dancer series, Mina, standing within the lush Gaisland forest as designed by the wonderful Edouard Noisette.

I can’t wait for you all to see where Mina’s story takes her next! And to introduce some of my favourite new characters. Make sure you join my newsletter, as I’ll be hosting a book giveaway within the next few weeks and teasing the sequel straight to your email inbox.

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