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Fire Walker Out Now!

The fiery sequel to Sand Dancer is now available in ebook!

Get your copy from Amazon and continue Mina’s story as she travels through the forests of Gaisland to stop a war between the kingdom of Sandair and a foreign power before she and her Fire Walkers are forced to summon their fire magic on the front lines of battle.

Riots in the streets. Assassins in the palace. Armies on the march.

The Fire Walkers are paying for their freedom with their blood.

For centuries, Fire Walkers have been locked away in temples for the sin of being born with fire magic in their veins. At last, they are free.

But when a king is assassinated by fire magic, the people demand war. And the ruthless Prince Ravel sees his opportunity to seize the throne and rid his kingdom of Fire Walkers forever.

Mina Arlbond, the famed Sand Dancer who disguised herself as a man to win freedom for the Fire Walkers, is ordered to personally lead her people to the slaughter on the front lines of war. Instead, she races across the kingdom to unmask a conspiracy that threatens to tear apart three great nations—and blame Fire Walkers for the chaos.

When she discovers a chance to prevent the war and end the oppression of Fire Walkers forever, Mina must decide how much of her soul—and the soul of her people—is too much to sacrifice to stop the violence.

And for a limited time only, you can pick up the first book in the Sand Dancer series for FREE on Amazon and read these books back-to-back!

Paperback copies of Fire Walker will be available this spring. Keep an eye out for updates!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has joined me on Mina’s journey so far. The third book in the Sand Dancer series will hopefully launch later this year. Watch this space!

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