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Get your Sand Dancer Short Story Collection!

Want a free collection of short stories based on the world and characters of Sand Dancer? Of course you do!

Coming of Age in Sandair is a collection of seven short stories written from the perspective of Mina’s friends – and enemies! If you’ve read Sand Dancer and want to learn more about the history of certain side characters, such as the helbond of Alistar and Raj, or the incident which lead to Prince Rais’s scars, then now’s your chance! Most of these stories are set before the events of Sand Dancer, but two take place during Part One, including our first look at Lady Kasara – the daughter of the fabled Sword of Solus, and a new character who appears in the upcoming sequel!

And if you haven’t picked up Sand Dancer yet, I’ve included the first three chapters of the book to get you started! Treat this short story collection as a prequel and introduction to these characters and their world. I’m biased, but the Prince Ravel story is one of my favourites!

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I hope you enjoy these short stories as I plan to write many more!

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