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I own the Indie Author Discord community for indie authors, self-published authors, and those published with small presses. Whether you’re new to self-publishing, looking for marketing/promotion ideas, or a seasoned vet, we welcome you!

There are many Discord communities for writing and the craft of writing, but none for discussing the ins-and-outs of self-publishing. I’m hoping to grow a community where we can help promote each other and share best practice. We’ve had an influx of members lately and are growing strong, so come join us and take part in the discussion.

Join us on Discord!

If you’re new to Discord or have no idea what it is, Discord is an online chat room similar to IRC/Skype groups where you can chat in real-time and also talk to each other over voice chat. It is geared primarily towards the gaming community, however there is a massive community of writers on there, and many communities specifically for writing, so don’t be put off. If you need any help, myself and our lovely members will be happy to help. See you online!

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