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It’s the 1st December, which means it’s time to grab a hot chocolate, find a comfy spot by the fire, and read some awesome indie books for Indiecember!

What is Indiecember, I hear you cry?

Indiecember is a book reading challenge started by the lovely Megan Tennant. It takes place over the holiday period and is designed to raise awareness for indie authors and books! To take part in the challenge, all you need to do is post a review of an indie book and fill out the Indiecember bingo card based on various book genres and covers:

You don’t even need to read that many indie books in one month; it still counts if you’ve previously read an indie book but haven’t posted a review online yet. You can find out more about Indiecember and the rules for taking part on Megan’s website, or you can watch her informative video below. This year there are PRIZES! So make sure you check it out and find some awesome new indie books along the way.

I’ll be taking part and recommending indie books this month, so keep an eye out and have fun!


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