July 2020 Monthly Roundup

This month went by pretty quick, or is it just me? It feels like I’ve been busy with ~everything~ this month, but the truth is, I’ve been playing far too much Skyrim… But also writing, too!

The real truth is that the pandemic has been kicking my ass and I’ve been taking some quality time to help my mental health, especially as life and work outside of my author-y persona has been pulled through the wringer. But as I like to say, it’s better to do a little here and there rather than get stressed about not being able to do a lot.

August is around the corner, and with it my last chance to enjoy summer. Since the pandemic, I haven’t left the house much at all, which isn’t much different from normal (I’m the biggest introvert nerd ever) but I am starting to go a bit stir-crazy. Working from home has been a privilege, but I do sometimes miss speaking to other humans.

If you’re suffering from the same, reach out!

What I’m Writing

Whilst I’m still waiting on feedback and edits for Fire Walker, I’ve been writing my first draft (technically second) for the third book!

Currently, this book is also going to be split into three parts (that seems to be my thing) and I’m almost at the end of Part Two, which is coming up to twenty-five chapters. I’ll be spending the first half of August writing up Part Three and getting this draft done. And then hopefully Fire Walker will be ready for final edits and polishing by then. Busy busy!

What I’m Reading

After finishing off Six of Crows last month, I wanted to get into Crooked Kingdom, but somehow found myself distracted and haven’t gotten far into it yet. Does reading books in Skyrim count?

I go through these periods of binge writing and binge reading, and at the moment I’m in binge writing mode as I work through Book Three of Sand Dancer. For August, I’m going to drag myself to a beach and read even if it kills me – which given the pandemic, it may well do.

What I’m Playing

I’m not sure if I’m playing Skyrim as such, or if Skyrim is playing me. I’ve been “playing” Skyrim in the sense I’ve been messing around with mods and trying out new things. That’s as far as my playing has gone!

Death Stranding also came out for PC this month, and it does look most beautiful on PC, so I’m alternating between that and Skyrim. The Xbox games show last week was pretty exciting though, and I absolutely lost my cool at the announcement of a new Fable. I adored the Fable games and can’t wait to get back into that world.

Well, that’s it for July. Here’s hoping things calm down come August, huh.

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