Live Winterfest Radio Show on RadioSEGA

On Sunday December 15 I will be hosting a live radio show over at as part of their annual Winterfest extravaganza! RadioSEGA is an online radio station which broadcasts video game music exclusively from SEGA games, including such well-known series as Sonic the Hedgehog, Puyo Puyo, Yazuza, Virtua Fighter, and so on! As well as a live 24/7 stream, RadioSEGA host their own live shows with a roster of talented DJ’s.

Once upon a time before I wrote Sand Dancer, I hosted my own SEGA role playing game show over on RadioSEGA called Sword of SEGA!

I love video game music – there’s no better music for writing than a video game soundtrack! SEGA games and SEGA music have been a big part of my life, especially SEGA role playing games. These games have inspired my writing including my book Sand Dancer. Sword of SEGA was a show where I played the best SEGA RPG music and ran a weekly live role playing game which was a heap of absurd fun. You can still find the old podcasts for Sword of SEGA on iTunes if you’re curious!

So join me on Sunday December 15 at 18:00 (6PM) BST / 12.00 (12PM) EST for two hours of SEGA RPG music over at!

I’ll be playing music from games like Shining Resonance, Valkyria Chronicles, and Phantasy Star. I’m also going to use this opportunity to play some of the SEGA RPG music which inspired Sand Dancer and talk about how they influenced my book. For example, I totally repurposed names from the game Dragon Force.

I’ll also be using my two-hour slot to rant about Phantasy Star Online 2, so, uh, you’ve been warned!

And thanks to RadioSEGA, I’ll be giving away this amazing prize: the soundtrack to one of my favourite games, Skies of Arcadia! Tune in to win!

There are many ways you can listen in to my live show. To find out how, please visit the website.

And if you want to chat or ask questions during the live stream, RadioSEGA also have their own Discord server.

If video game music is your jam, be sure to check out the rest of RadoSEGA’s Winterfest line up. View the full weekend schedule!

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