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Looking for Indie Books? Visit the Uncharted Library!

If you didn’t know, April is #IndieApril on Twitter, which is a month-long celebration of indie books during April, and then again in August! It’s a great excuse to discover new amazing indie authors and shout about your favourites, including me of course!

But if you’re looking for indie fantasy reads and don’t know where to start, then allow me to introduce The Uncharted Library!

The Uncharted Library is a new book blog dedicated to indie fantasy books and indie video games!

They believe that indie books and games are the future of innovation, creativity, and diversity, and they want to share their passion for all things indie with you.

The Uncharted Library review a curated collection of quality indie fantasy books and video games, and they welcome you to take a walk off the beaten track and discover new talent. Browse their collection, and discover unique worlds, hidden gems, and new adventures.

If that sounds good, then head on over and find your next indie read!

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