March 2020 Monthly Roundup

So this has been the longest month of 2020 so far, huh?

March 2020 has been a tough month for many people. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks living in quarantine as the UK is now in lockdown. In a way, this hasn’t actually changed my life much; I am classed as an essential worker even though I’m not on the front lines like our doctors, nurses, retail workers, delivery drivers, and others keeping society going amidst all this. My job in I.T. admin is to provide access to areas vital to society, but I can do my job safely from my own home, thankfully.

Naturally there’s a lot of anxiety going around and I’m worried for my friends and family. Anxiety isn’t always conductive to creative writing, and I’ll admit I’ve spent more time reading and playing video games in my downtime than I have actual writing, but since this beast isn’t going to disappear any time soon, I’m now writing again.

I hope all of my readers are keeping safe, because I’m worried for you too!

And if I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me. My inbox and Twitter DM’s are always open.

That said, here is the insanity which is March:

What I’m Writing

I said last month that I was working on some short stories. These are now finished and I’m just doing a few final read throughs to check for typos because I am paranoid about typos. These short stories will be coming to you soon! Free of course! I’m quite proud of these stories as they explore the backstory of Mina and her friends including the time they took their helbond. It also introduces a character from the upcoming sequel to Sand Dancer, and I reckon you’re all gonna love her.

April is Camp NaNoWriMo and I’ll be using this time to start my novellas of Mina’s time in Arlent and the Academy.

What I’m Reading

This month I finally read through book one of Crescent City, the new urban fantasy from Sarah J. Maas! It’s not a Young Adult fantasy like her previous series, in fact it is indeed quite adult, but there’s a lot of similarities in Crescent City taken from Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Crescent City does start off a bit slow with a lot more world building than her previous series, but it didn’t fail to hook me in. I loved the focus on friendship bonds in this book, and the various mysteries and twists throughout. Bryce is a great character who fits right in with Celaena and Feyre. My favourite character was definitely Ruhn though!

If you’ve read it, hit me up so we can talk about it!

What I’m Playing

So I did end up buying a PlayStation 4. Of course I did!

Guys, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo is AMAZING! And the full game is out soon!! Whilst I’m waiting for that, I’ve been playing Death Stranding on my shiny new PS4 which is an interesting game to say the least. I’d describe it as being both relaxing and stressful.

Speaking of relaxing and stressful, I’m also playing Animal Crossing on my Switch, and wow, there’s so much to do in that game!

With FF7 Remake’s release on the horizon, I will be abandoning everything for Midgar soon…

Well that’s it for March. Here’s hoping things get better for the world in April…

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