May 2020 Monthly Roundup

It’s the end of May and we’re still in quarantine, though in the UK at least the lockdown restrictions are starting to ease up. I’m still working from home, but this month I have been getting out more by going for walks in my local area and enjoying a bit of nature. Nothing is better for the writer’s mind!

I hope you’re all doing great!

What I’m Writing

The edits for Sand Dancer book 2 finally arrived in my inbox this month! So I have abandoned my short stories and plunged deep into edits. Getting this sequel done is my biggest priority so we can hopefully get it released this year. One reason why it has taken so long is because I had to split the damn thing in half, so yes! A Sand Dancer THREE is in the works, too!

I’m not allowed to talk about Sand Dancer 2 just yet, but the sequel is setting the scene for the rest of the series. It’s a bit more slower paced compared to the first book, but that means I’ve taken my time with the character development. In this book, we also get to see more of the world of Sandair and travel to new locations.

What I’m Reading

Because of my edits, I’ve not had chance to read much, but The Obsidian Tower by Melissa Caruso (Author of The Tethered Mage) is out soon and I can’t wait to get stuck into that!

I find that when it comes to reading and writing, I often binge the two. So one week I’ll do nothing but write, and the next week I’ll do nothing but read. The past few weeks have been writing weeks, because deadlines are a thing, but as soon as these edits are done I’ll be finding a quiet spot to escape into another world.

If you’re looking for some new awesome fantasy to read, then I have a list of great YA fantasy and sci-fi from Black authors for you to check out!

What I’m Playing

I haven’t had chance to play many games this month due to work and edits! But one game I use to de-stress is House Flipper.

It sounds like an odd concept for a game, but it’s about buying houses, cleaning them up, decorating them, and then selling them for a profit. Yeah, I know, it’s not as exciting as Skyrim for example, but there’s something oddly cathartic about cleaning a virtual home instead of your own real one. If you enjoyed the settlement base building of Fallout 4, then you might enjoy House Flipper!

Speaking of Skyrim, I’m getting the urge to fire that up again. Maybe I’ll be different and play as a stealth archer this time!

Well that’s it for my month. I’ll be heading into June with the final edits for Sand Dancer 2, and hopefully by the end of next month I’ll have some news for you…

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