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My Dual Wield Merch

I’m super excited to share what I got through the post!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big Tamora Pierce fan, and I’ve posted about the new officially-licensed merchandise range based around Tamora Pierce’s Tortall series of books as designed by the lovely Dual Wield Studio. They’re keen to make even more merch based on the world and characters of Tortall. In fact, Tamora Pierce recently unveiled a collection of wax stamps inspired by Tortall: A Spy’s Guide. Look how colourful they are:

But I don’t own these. Yet! Instead, I want to show off what came all the way across the ocean. This amazing enamel pin set of Alanna’s sword and shield from the Song of the Lioness quartet:

Here it is posed with my very first copy of Alanna: The First Adventure which I bought when I was a teen. I’m sadly not a teen anymore, but LOOK AT HOW SHINY THIS PIN IS!

I’m not sure where I’m going to use them yet. They’re too precious to lose.

If you want your own, then check out the full Tamora Pierce Collection which also includes jewel and t-shirts based on Kel and Daine.

Dual Wield Studio also have a beautiful range of enamel charm pins and other goodies on their website. I’m hoping for some merch based on the Beka Cooper books, and who knows, maybe one day they’ll get inspired to make some cute fennec foxes!

Image Credit: Dual Wield Studio

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