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Hi friends! It’s another personal blog as I want to play the part of proud parent (ooh that alliteration) and show off my pets!

I’ve had many pets over the years including a goldfish named Fred, a Guinea Pig named Theo, various hamsters (Cookie, Milo, Rusty, Jasper and more!), budgies, degus and other cats and dogs. Currently I have just the two dogs and one cat, but they’re quite a handful. In no particular order I present:

Butchy the Border Jack

He’s a hot dog!

Bon on the Shetland Islands of all places, Butchy is the dog who was never meant to be. He’s a Border Jack, which is a cross between a Jack Russell and a Border Collie. His mother was a Jack Russell who managed to escape one stormy night and spend the night in the arms of the local Border Collie farm dog. Thus Butchy was born! Literally the day after my birthday. He was named after that Border Collie, Butch, as “The Son of Butch” and was given away to a couple who returned him only hours later because he was too energetic.

Yep, he’s a handful.

Don’t let his little legs fool you; Butchy is a high energy dog that loves to run fast and play ball. He’s seven years old now and I think I’ve only ever seen him get tired a few times in his life. He loves to party all the time and destroys toys with lethal efficiently. He’s what I like to call smart and stupid – he can toss his own toys and catch them, but he’ll also jump off a cliff to his death if you throw a ball that way. He’s a big softie though and lets the cat bully him. If he starts whining, it’s probably because he’s thrown his toy somewhere he can’t reach.

Oh, and he is a food thief. You cannot leave food alone anywhere near him. His list of crimes include stealing my sandwich, my McDonalds burger, a mince pie, the cat’s food, Ben’s food, and getting into the trash.

Benji the Jack Russell

Distinguished dog!

Technically not my dog; Ben as he’s called was my dad’s dog. After I moved away and became my own adult, my dad was given Ben and the two of them became inseparable. As my dad’s health declined, I began to care for Ben by feeding him, taking him to vet appointments, and going for walks. He’s a very affectionate dog that loves belly rubs, but he can also be a complete jerk and bark at anything he thinks is a threat, such as the Postman, any other dog, the bin, the vacuum cleaner, the kindly old man who delivers the local paper, and the cat.

Sadly after my dad passed away, we needed to adopt Ben into our home to ensure he was cared for. I don’t know exactly how old Ben is now, but I estimate at least twelve years old. He’s a bit of an old boy with much whiter hair now, and he’s slowed down quite a bit on his walks. He gets plenty of toys and treats. He loves sausage! Honestly, he gets spoiled rotten.

Valerie the Meowser

Plotting murder.

The queen of the household. Valerie was once an older lady’s cat, but after her original owners death (we suspect Valerie herself was responsible) Valerie was placed into a cat shelter and then adopted!

Again, we’re not sure exactly how older Valerie is, but we guess she’s about twelve/thirteen too. She was an amazing hunter back in her prime but she’s retired now. As queen, she takes no crap from the dogs or her humans, and will give those dogs a good swipe if they so much as look in her direction. For the most part they get on.

She’s actually the most affectionate cat I’ve ever met and will instantly sit on anyone to claim them. She also loves cuddles and is a high-class cat who will only eat food if it meets her high standards. She’s definitely become more demanding in her older years, and is often the source of my writing woes.

Do you have any pets? Send me your pet pics!

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