Newsletter Round Up for April 2021

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Have you watched Shadow and Bone?

Hi everyone! Tru here!

I’m a big fan of Leigh Bardugo and practically devoured her YA fantasy series, so naturally I have been SO HYPED for the Netflix adaptation of Shadow and Bone. And it is AMAZING! I wrote a review of the show on my blog and need someone to gush about it to.

If you’ve watched Shadow and Bone, what did you think? ????

My favourite characters are the Crows from Six of Crows, naturally, and the actor who plays Jesper, Kit Young, really does steal the show!

I did a Podcast!

I recently took part in my very first podcast! The No Show, All Tell podcast is where writers from all backgrounds are interviewed and they’ve featured some great authors so far.

Naturally, I spent some time talking about Sand Dancer and how I got published!

Click on the button below to tune in, and thank you Cindy Van Wilder for hosting me!

Listen to Podcast!

Fennec Foxes Make the WORST Pets!

It’s true. If you’ve read Sand Dancer, you’ll know that Fez the fennec fox is a complete menace. He puts his nose in places it doesn’t belong, steals food, makes an almighty racket… and these are all behaviours of real fennecs!

When I researched fennec foxes for Sand Dancer, I visited a local zoo and discovered for myself just how fast, feisty, and noisy they are, and this is something I’ve tried to capture in Sand Dancer and the sequel, Fire Walker. And you can be sure Fez causes trouble in the third book!

Mina may love him, but she’ll tell you he’s no pet ????

If you’ve ever thought of writing a story with an animal sidekick, I recently wrote a blog post going over the pros and cons! Check it out!

Book Shelfies!

In last month’s newsletter I asked you to share some of your book shelves for ~inspiration!~ So here are some of the cool shelf ideas you gave me! ????

Another WIP Teaser!

I’ve got no new book announcement for you yet, but that won’t stop me from talking about my upcoming gaslamp fantasy! Trust me, I can’t wait to shout about this book! BUT! Today I’m going to introduce the two main characters so you’ll at least know who I’m talking about from now on ????


Kayl is a Vesper, who are the dark elves/drow of her world with the ability to summon and manipulate shadows. She’s a member of the Godless, an organisation who believes the gods to be cruel, and who try to protect mortals from the worst of their whims…

She’s an incredibly fun and playful character, and I know you’re gonna love her shenanigans!


Quen is a Diviner, who have the ability to manipulate time and view the past and future, though poor Quen is plagued with visions of chaos and death too. He’s also a Warden, the police of his world, and he’s tasked with hunting down the Godless and ending their sinful ways…

He’s a complete and utter dork, caught between loyalty to the Wardens, and his own sinful ways!

Art created by the amazing Seraphim!

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