Newsletter Round Up for August 2021

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Summer’s Almost Over!

Hi everyone! Tru here!

Well, the heatwave has gone for now and it feels like summer is almost over, at least here in England! We’ll be heading into Autumn soon, and between you and I, Autumn is my favourite season! I won’t be sad to see summer end.

Are you looking forward to Autumn/Fall, or are you going to miss summer?

Autumn is great time for eating snacks and reading books in my opinion! Plus, this year, I have lots of exciting book things planned… ????

My Next Book is Almost Here!

I’ve been teasing my upcoming gaslamp fantasy for a while now, but it’s finally happening! And I am beyond excited for you to enter this new world.

The Cruel Gods series is a gaslamp fantasy genre blend featuring magical portals, gothic cosmic deities, quaint Britishisms, and steampunk vibes. Inspired by Edwardian aesthetics, The Cruel Gods is set within the city of Chime, a steam-powered wonder made from brick and brass. This is a world where twelve gods rule over twelve domains and their mortal subjects, though not all are willing to subject themselves to the whims and cruelties of the gods.

But when soul-sucking creatures made from aether prey on innocent mortals, the saints and sinners will need to team up to save Chime… before the gods take matters into their own hands!

I’ll be announcing the title of the first book in The Cruel God’s series soon, with the map and cover reveal to follow. Both map and cover are absolutely gorgeous, so you don’t want to miss this!

Dates For Your Diary:

  • 30th August: Map Reveal!
  • 6th September: Cover Reveal and Preorders go LIVE!
  • 13th October: Book Release Date! This is the BIG ONE!

I’ll not spam your inbox with separate emails for the map and cover, so I’ll send these together in one explosive email! But for now, here’s a little teaser:

Self-Published Fantasy Month

September is going to be an exciting month, but did you know it’s also Self-Published Fantasy Month?

I’m a big fan and reader of indie and self-published fantasy. There are some amazingly talented authors out there, and these indies are writing creative and diverse stories. If you’re not sure where to start reading indie books, then the Self-Published Fantasy Month is your chance to find some great books and promote indie authors at the same time.

Join me and take part in a whole host of activities in celebration, including a read-along and daily challenges!

Find out more:

Visit Self-Published Fantasy Month

Meme of the Month

The most relatable of memes! I get so angry when people interrupt me when I’m reading, but I think the rage is justified ????

More Races from The Cruel Gods

Here are the final four domains from The Cruel Gods! Don’t worry if you missed the others – you can now view them all on my website here!

And while you’re learning about the domains, why not take a quiz to discover which domain YOU would belong to? Reply back and tell me which one you got!

Which Domain do YOU Belong To?

The Ember

The Ember are a tiefling/succubus-inspired race with the power to summon and manipulate flame. They are the sinners of Chime and enjoy throwing parties and indulging in pleasure and passion.

They come from the volcanic domain of Rapture, ruled by the fire god Edana.

The Vesper

The Vesper are a dark elf-inspired race and the masters of dusk. Considered to be a grumpy lot, the Vesper prefer dark places and can summon and manipulate shadows. They’re known as mushroom-peddlers and pickpockets.

They come from the mushroom domain of Eventide, ruled by the moonlight god Valeria.

The Mesmer

The Mesmer are dreamers who are often confused by reality and prefer to nap instead. They can travel between their own dreams and manipulate the dreams of others. They enjoy candy, but regularly suffer from visions and nightmares.

They come from the starry domain of Phantasy, ruled by the dream god Mesmorpheus.

The Diviner

The Diviner are masters of time, which puts them at the top of Chime’s political hierarchy. Diviner are mostly male, commonly with metallic silver skin, and they value logic and order. They can manipulate short pockets of time and also view the past and future of other mortals through touch.

They come from the clockwork domain of Kronos, ruled by the god of time, Dor.

Character artwork designed by the lovely Seraphim!

I’ll be back on 6th September with the big reveal ???? Stay tuned!

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