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I’m Heading to the Zoo!

Hi everyone! Tru here!

We’re well into summer though right now, in typical English weather, it’s raining. I’m looking forward to the next few weeks as I’ll be returning to my favourite zoo for the first time in years! This is the zoo I used for researching fennec foxes, and since I last visited, they’ve introduced red pandas!!

I love red pandas.

I’ll have to share some pics in my next newsletter! But an important question:

What’s your favourite zoo animal?

Fantasy Book Bloggers!

Where would authors and readers be without book bloggers? I wanted to give a little shout-out to some of my favourite fantasy book bloggers, including some who helped promote Sand Dancer during its blog tour. So many book bloggers, booktubers, and bookstagramers put in hours of work to promote the books they love and create content that help support authors. It’s important that we remember to support them back! ????

If you’re looking for some great new book bloggers to follow, then these come highly recommended:

Armed With A Book

Book blog by Kriti Khare who interviews authors on their Creator’s Roulette.

Beneath a Thousand Skies

A blog by Rowena about books, nerdery, and Dungeons & Dragons!

Book & Nature Professor

A blog covering both books and nature.

FanFi Addict

A large blog covering both fantasy and sci-fi, and who host the TBRCon virtual convention.

Fantasy Book Critic

A massive blog covering hundreds of fantasy books including indies.

Sadie’s Spotlight

A blog showcasing and promoting books and book tours.

Spells & Spaceships

A blog showcasing both fantasy and sci-fi, and a supporter of indie authors!

Whispers & Wonder

A gorgeous blog and member of Storytellers on Tour.

There’s so many more book bloggers I could recommend, but over to you:

What book bloggers do you follow or recommend?

Reply and let me know!

Meme of the Month

Yeah, I’ve decided I’m going to share random book related memes because I want you all to share in my joy and procrastination. I’m sure this will boost my newsletter subscriber count, right? ????

Feel free to send me your book memes so I can share them next time!

What happens when you share a book recommendation:

Introducing the races of my Upcoming Fantasy Book!

In the run up to revealing my next fantasy book, I’ll be introducing the twelve (yes TWELVE, count ’em) races of my new fantasy world, starting with the first four.

In this world, there are twelve domains ruled by twelve gods, and each have a mortal race made in their image. Whilst these mortals reside in their domains, many travel through a magical portal to the city of Chime, a steam-powered city of mortals where not even the gods can tread.

Chime is a melting pot of all these races learning to live together. As you may imagine, things get a little chaotic. This is no ordinary fantasy world!

So without further ado, say hello to…

The Amnae

The Amnae are a fish-inspired race who need special adaptations to breathe the air of Chime. Whilst they make remarkable swimmers, the Amnae’s true power lies in their ability to examine and manipulate memories.

They come from the underwater domain of Memoria, ruled by the jellyfish god Anima.

The Fauna

The Fauna are animal shifters who can instantaneously change into an animal persona, or a half-human, half-animal hybrid. Many have animalistic instincts and struggle to adapt to Chime’s polite society.

They come from the jungle domain of Juniper, ruled by the chimera god Faen.

The Umber

The Umber are a stone golem-inspired race, though some resemble natural trees and have leaves or vines for hair and flowers for eyebrows. Their strength makes them ideal laborers, though they can also instantly grow and manipulate plant life.

They come from the mountainous domain of Heartstone, ruled by the mountain god Unghard.

The Glimmer

The Glimmer are a high elf-inspired race that glow with sunlight and can also summon and use sunlight as a deadly weapon. Glimmer are exclusively female and are the most pious of the domains. Their natural riches and snotty disposition has put them at the top of Chime’s social class.

They come from the golden city domain of Solaris, ruled by the sun god Gildola.

Character artwork designed by the lovely Seraphim!

I’ll be back in July to reveal the next four races! Don’t worry if you miss any; you can find a copy of this newsletter on my website a week later, and as soon as this book is revealed, I’ll also update my website with the full list ????

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