Newsletter Round Up for March 2021

Last year I posted monthly round ups on this blog, but to try to get into the habit of sending out regular newsletters, I have now moved my roundups to my newsletter!

But don’t worry if you miss the newsletter. I’m going to post them here on the blog as well, only they will be up to a week or so later than the newsletter. If you want these exciting updates, including the latest news of my books earlier than everyone else, then please join my newsletter so you don’t miss them.

So without further ado, here is is the previous newsletter for March!

Spring is Here!

Hi everyone! Tru here!

It’s almost Easter and I’ve already eaten my Easter Egg. Whoops! ???? I’m a big fan of Dairy Milk and once visited the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Bournville, but hey! I’m not here to talk about chocolate! Or am I? ????

What’s your Easter Egg of choice?

Personally, I LOVE Creme Eggs, but they don’t last long with me around!

What I’ve Been Working On:

I finished writing a book?!

It’s no secret that I’ve been working on a new adult gaslamp fantasy book! This project has taken up my time and I’ve just finished editing it. Now comes the nail-biting part where I ask beta readers to tell me what they think!

Whilst I’m not ready to announce this book to the world yet, here is a cute picture of the main character!

Yes, she has indigo skin! And she doesn’t lose her temper as much as Mina, I assure you! ????

Art created by the lovely @busukawaiiart on Twitter!

Let’s Talk Bookshelves!

Is there anything more satisfying than filling in a bookshelf?

I’m honestly more of an ebook reader these days, but I recently set up some bookshelves and I’m slowly filling it! But there is more to a bookshelf than books, right? It’s all about the aesthetic! So what are some great ways to decorate a book shelf?

This is what I have so far, but how do you organise and decorate your bookshelves?

If you feel comfortable doing so, CONTACT ME and show me your shelfies! I’ll share some of them with next month’s newsletter.

I’d love to take some inspiration from your bookshelves! ????

Looking for Diverse Fantasy Reads?

Enjoyed Sand Dancer and are looking for more diverse fantasy books? Then check out this varied collection of fantasy!

Promotion ends April 13th!

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