Newsletter Round Up for May 2021

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It’s Almost Ice Cream Weather!

Hi everyone! Tru here!

Things are heating up here in the UK now we’re heading into summer, and that means ice cream and reading books on the beach! I’d recommend Sand Dancer as the perfect beach book, naturally!

I’m lucky that I live near the north east coast and can walk by the sea with an ice cream sundae. As you can see, bubblegum is my favourite flavour! ????

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

Enjoy the nice weather if you have any!

Join my Discord Server!

To prepare for my gaslamp fantasy, I’ve created a Discord server to share news and snippets of my upcoming books including the Sand Dancer series!

It’s not just about my books, of course! I’ll be sharing promos about other cool indie fantasy books, as well as cat pictures and memes. You’re welcome to join and chat, and I’d love to get to know you!

Plus, they’ll be opportunities for free books and ARC’s ????

Join my Discord Server!

(If you’ve not heard of Discord before, it’s basically like a chat room. It’s free to sign up, but let me know if you need help using it!)

Let’s Talk Libraries!

In previous newsletters we’ve talked about favourite books and bookshelves, but I got thinking about how cool some libraries look. My city has some amazing modern libraries, but working on my gaslamp book has made me appreciate more traditional architecture.

So if you feel comfortable doing so, show me what your city’s library looks like! Or share an amazing library in your country! ????

Here are two libraries near me I like, both with a sleek looking modern design. The first is the library at Newcastle upon Tyne. The second is The Word, a great library beside the north east coast with lovely views of the sea!

Introducing the City of Chime

You’re gonna be hearing a LOT about my upcoming gaslamp fantasy! Over the summer months, I’ll be introducing you to the world and its characters, starting with Chime, the main city where my next book takes place.

But don’t worry, you’ll be able to visit Chime yourself later this year! ????

(Though if you want to hear more, I’ve been sharing images and lines in my new Discord server!)

Welcome to Chime, a steam-powered wonder made from brick and brass. Based on a Victorian aesthetic, Chime is an hourglass-shaped city where the rich live in the top layer known as the Golden City, and the poorest live underground in the bottom layer, the Undercity.

Both layers are held together by an ancient and magnificent clock tower where giant glass elevators run up and down either side, connecting the layers. But at the heart of Chime sits the Gate, a portal which connects Chime to the twelve domains of the gods!

Chime was the only place in the entire universe where the gods couldn’t tread. A godless city that gave rise to godless mortals.

Or so it could have been.

In this world, twelve gods run their individual domains and own the mortals who call Chime their home. These mortals are all unique, from the Diviner who can manipulate time, to the Ember who can summon flame, and the Mesmer who eat candy and sleep a lot. Chime is a melting pot of these twelve races and their cultures, and they can travel back and forth between Chime and their home domain through Chime’s magical Gate.

Whilst Chime may be a godless city, mortals are still expected to keep faith with their patron god, and those who don’t face harsh punishments indeed…

Check back next month to learn more about the twelve domains and their mortals!

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