The most important characters you’ll meet in Sand Dancer! Want to know which Sand Dancer character you are? Take the character quiz and find out!

Character portraits designed by artist Em Rowene.

Mina Hawker

“I am the master of my own self.”

A 16-year-old Duslander from the little fishing village of Khalbad, Tamina “Mina” has dreams of becoming an heroic warrior like the tales of her tribe. That’s if she can prove herself and convince her father to continue her sword dancing lessons.


“I was born in Sandair, before you ask.”

A Neu Bosan boy from the far western isles, Alistar “Ali” shares the same dream as Mina; to become a legendary warrior. But as the only non-Sandarian in the training Academy, he feels he has more to prove.


“But, um, I like plants.”

A Gaislander from the western Emerald Forest, Rajesh, or Raj to his friends, is a little shy and would sooner practice his Green Hand healing skills or read than lift a sword.


“When your heart pounds and you feel your blood rush through your body, that is your courage speaking to you. Telling you to be brave.”

The king’s champion and legendary Protector of the Path, Lord Talin is known as the greatest warrior in the world. But his gentle strength hides a sad past. He is Mina’s adoptive father.


“What am I supposed to do with you? Teach you the sword? You’ll never lift one.”

Stewardess to Lord Talin, this large Duslander knows her way around a sword, and the various pies she loves to bake. She is a role-model for Mina and trains her in swordplay.


“What challenges have you faced? What battles have you fought? What right do you have to stand amongst those men?”

The grumpy guardian to Lord Talin, Jonan rarely speaks or smiles. He may be a complete brute, but he’s got a few secrets in his blood. But why is he so grumpy?

Prince Ravel

“Sandair must move beyond the tradition of the tribes and their Fire Walkers.”

Heir to the Sandarian throne, Prince Ravel has some controversial ideas on how to deal with Fire Walkers. But before he can enact his policies, he needs to win the annual tournament…

Prince Rais

“It’s difficult living in my brother’s shadow.”

The younger Solaran prince, Rais was burned terribly by a Fire Walker and lost an eye. He wears a mask to hide his scars and feels insecure about them and his position as prince.