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Sand Dancer Map Reveal

Last week I announced that my debut Young Adult fantasy novel was being published by Uproar Books in summer 2019! This week, I have another amazing surprise.

The world of Sand Dancer – the Kingdom of Sandair – has been lovingly recreated in a stunning map, as designed by cartographer extraordinaire, Soraya Corcoran! A black and white version of this map will appear in the published version of Sand Dancer, but please feast your eyes on this amazing version below:

The story of Sand Dancer begins in the Duslands town of Khalbad and ends in the capital city of Solus.

It was such a pleasure to work with Soraya on Sandair’s map and I look forward to working with her again as the series explores the nations of Neu Bosa and Hartnor. If you’re a fantasy-map connoisseur and/or are looking to hire someone to design a map, then Soraya comes highly recommended! Please visit her website for more information and to view her beautiful map designs.

Photo by Jakob Braun on Unsplash

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