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All the cool kids make playlists of their books, or use music to inspire scenes or represent characters in their story. I’m no different in that I love music and have built a playlist around my world and characters. Even the overarching plot and romance of the series has its own theme. However, I’m odd in that most of my musical themes come from video game music!

I am a massive fan of video game music and have attended more video game music concerts than I have actual bands! Some of my favourites include Video Games Live, the Zelda Symphony, and Final Fantasy’s Distant Worlds. The wonderful thing about video game soundtracks is that they are designed to be atmospheric, ambient, and also invoke emotion. They pull you into a whole new world. Role Playing Games are especially great for finding music that fits your own world, and they often include a range of styles that hit all the same emotional notes as a book, including that epic combat scene.

Video game soundtracks are also perfect for writing! You can find some beautiful ambient and orchestral tracks to help you concentrate for either studying or writing.

I’m not going to share the entirety of my playlist since it’s a big mix, but here are 15 music tracks from a selection of video games that represent the story and world of Sand Dancer. Enjoy!

The World of Sandair

When I first started researching and developing the world building for Sandair, I listened to a lot of desert-based themes. There’s a lot of those in video games! Here are a selection of tracks that I used to get a feel for Sandair, especially the sandy Duslands where Mina comes from.

The City of Solus

The capital city of Solus isn’t situated in the desert, but still has that dry/deserty vibe about it. These tracks here capture the feel of what I imagine Solus to be.

Battle Themes

These are some combat-inspired themes loosely based on how Sandarians fight. The fighting style of Hwang from Soul Calibur is how I imagine Mina’s sword dancing fighting technique.

That last one, Hunter’s Chance from Final Fantasy IX, represents the rivalry between Mina and Prince Ravel; it’s their theme!

Other Themes

Here are some additional tracks that represent various themes in the world of Sand Dancer. The Spirit Temple from Ocarina of Time and the Sol Sanctum from Golden Sun both represent the Temple of Rahn and the Fire Walkers to me, including their past and present struggles, and the future yet to come.

That third track from Shining Force 3 represents Mina’s tribe of the Lunei; both a sacred tribe carrying the blessings of Lune, and a tribe willing to fight for their survival.

The Theme of Sandair

This is the track which represents Sandair and book one of Sand Dancer as a whole. It has a hopeful feeling that captures the spirit of Sandair and its people. It also makes me think of the Duslands and Mina’s childhood. I used to hum it to myself and add in my own lyrics, and this is where the phrase “The Sands Travel With You” comes from! It fits!

I did actually play this game years ago too!

These are all video games I have played and enjoyed! Have you ever used video games to create your own playlist? Share them! I’m always looking for video game music recommendations.

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