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Sand Dancer to be Published by Uproar Books

I’m ecstatic to announce that my debut series Sand Dancer has been picked up by Uproar Books. The first book is due to be published this summer 2019!

Sand Dancer will be the second book to be published by Uproar Books. The first, a sci-fi novel, will be released this spring. Please read the full press release for more information.

About Sand Dancer

Sand Dancer is Young Adult fantasy series set in the desert kingdom of Sandair where fire magic is a sin and punishable by death:

When her father’s murder reveals a lifetime of lies, a half-starved peasant girl must disguise herself as a young nobleman if she hopes to make her way into the heart of her enemies. But what is she truly after—the truth or revenge?

It features sword dancing! Sand! Fire magic! Secrets! Revenge! Cute fennec foxes! You can learn more about the story and the world in my Sand Dancer books section and over the next few months I’ll be sharing more information about the characters and the kingdom of Sandair. Please follow me on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

About Me

I’m Trudie, a British author based in North East England. I started writing the first version of Sand Dancer back in 2012 but real life got in the way and I didn’t come back to it until the end of 2016. The past few years have been spent re-writing and editing new drafts as the story took shape. During this time I joined various writing communities, both online and offline, and wrote a series of short stories, some of which you can find on this website. Young adult fantasy has always been my one true love – my favourite author is Tamora Pierce and some of my favourite books include her Tortall series and titles such as the Rebel of the Sands trilogy, the Eon Dragoneye duology, An Ember in the Ashes, and more listed on my recommendations page!

I’m currently writing the sequel to Sand Dancer. I’m deeply passionate about these stories, these characters, and their world and I feel extremely privileged to be able to bring them to life and continue their tale.

About Uproar Books

Uproar Books, LLC, is a new publisher of science fiction and epic fantasy novels. Based in Nashville, Tenn., the company calls itself the halfway point between self-publishing and a traditional publishing house. The company covers all costs of preparing, publishing, and promoting novels in exchange for a percentage of revenue from digital and print sales.

For more information or to submit a manuscript, visit

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