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Tamora Pierce Merch

So I’m a big fan of Tamora Pierce if you couldn’t guess. Tamora Pierce defined my childhood and has been writing my favourite characters ever since. She’s recently just revealed a collaboration with Dual Wield Studio to create a unique officially licensed collection of merchandise based on the world and characters of Tortall.

You can visit the store, or read more about the collection and the making of it here.

The collection includes t-shirts featuring the character of Kel from the Protector of the Small series, jewellery from the Song of the Lioness and Immortals quartet, and also pins from Song of the Lioness and Tricksters’ duology. Unfortunately, the incredibly cool Kel t-shirts sold out within hours and are a limited print run. Hopefully, they will decide to make more so fans aren’t left out, but it sounds like there will be more items added to this collection in time, so keep an eye on it!

I absolutely love the look of the Alanna sword and shield pin. Is it wishful thinking to ask for a Faithful plush?

Image Credit: Dual Wield Studio

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