Books by Trudie

A collection of the current fantasy book series written by Trudie Skies.


Sand Dancer Series

When her father’s murder reveals a lifetime of lies, a half-starved peasant girl must disguise herself as a young nobleman if she hopes to make her way into the heart of her enemies. But what is she truly after—the truth or revenge?

A Young Adult fantasy adventure featuring a fiery protagonist who seeks revenge against her father’s killer!

  • 1 POV, 3rd Person
  • Girl-Disguised-as-Boy
  • Sword Dancing
  • Fire Magic
  • Desert World
  • Fennec Foxes
  • Tournaments
  • Bad Guy Princes
  • Revenge!

Rating: Young Adult aged 12+
Violence: Lots of fantasy battles, sword fighting, and death!
Swearing: Very little, but occasional
Romance: Very little, but will appear in later books

Book Cover

The Cruel Gods Series

Cruel gods rule the steam-powered city of Chime and demand worship from their mortal subjects, but when soul-sucking creatures prey on Chime’s citizens, it’ll take godless heathens to save them—before the gods take matters into their own hands.

An adult gaslamp fantasy featuring two adult main characters who stand against the cruelty of the gods.

  • 2 POV’s, 1st Person
  • Edwardian-Inspired Setting
  • 12 Unique Fantasy Races
  • Found Family
  • Gothic Gods
  • Steampunk Vibes
  • Clockwork Mechanics
  • Tea and Biscuits

Rating: Adult aged 16+
Violence: Some violence and scenes of abuse, shooting instead of swords!
Swearing: Lots of swearing including F-bombs
Romance: Some romance and sexual scenes, will increase in later books