When the saints fail,
the sinners step up.

Cruel gods rule the steam-powered city of Chime, demanding worship and tribute from their mortal subjects. Kayl lost her faith in them long ago, and now seeks to protect vulnerable and downtrodden mortals from their gods’ whims. But when Kayl discovers powers that she didn’t know she had—and destroys a mortal’s soul by accident—she becomes Chime’s most wanted.

Quen’s job was to pursue sinners, until the visions started. Haunted by foreboding images of his beloved city’s destruction, Quen hunts soul-sucking creatures made of aether who prey on its citizens—and Kayl is his number one target.

To ensure Chime’s future, Kayl and Quen must discover the truth of Kayl’s divine abilities before the gods take matters into their own hands.

For a city that bows to cruel gods, it’ll take godless heathens to save it.

The Thirteenth Hour

A gaslamp fantasy featuring magical portals, gothic cosmic deities, quaint Britishisms, and steampunk vibes! Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Additional Info:

Series: Book 1 of The Cruel Gods series
Genre: Gaslamp Fantasy
Age Range: Adult 16+ See Content Warnings
Book Type: Ebook, Paperback, Hardcover, Audiobook
Pages: 535 (paperback)
Published: October 13, 2021
Edited By: Nia Quinn
Cover Artist: James T. Egan of Bookfly Design
Audiobook Narrator: RJ Bayley
ISBN: 978-1-3999-0068-3 (Paperback)

What Readers are Saying...

For a completely immersive fantasy saga set in a precise world like nothing you’ve ever seen before, The Thirteenth Hour is time well spent on a story cleverly told.
I am really excited for the next book and I can only describe Skies' ability to foresee how well the book would be received by using her own words: “She’s a god. She ripped the information straight from my mind...”
The Thirteenth Hour was a fantastic read with layers within layers, wrapped up in chaos and fun, and oh so many emotions and there are a couple of moments at least that I won’t be over for a while. An absolutely fantastic start to a new series that I will be following closely, and a book I can’t recommend highly enough.
The writing is - I've been trying to come up with a way to describe it - devilishly charming, filled with the very best Britain has on offer (tea and biscuits and more importantly, "Thou must not violate the sanctity of the queue!") and also British humour. British humour is arguably the best in the world (don't @ me)!
Everything was painted so immaculately with Trudie Skies’ prose that I could really see the world she described in all its imperfection and wonder.
A darkly weird and highly original steampunk thriller set in a world of autocratic deities, divided loyalties and twisty politics.
The Thirteenth Hour blew me away. Phenomenal worldbuilding, stunning prose, attention to detail, characters I love, and numerous layers to the story all work together to create one of those gems that I want everyone to read.
If you want something that truly feels different, unique, and original, I highly recommend The Thirteenth Hour. There are fresh ideas, brilliant world bulding (Chime feels so lived in), exceptional characters, and an absolutely brilliant, beautiful writing style!

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