‘The skull bell tolled, but only Lena heard it.’ – L.L. MacRae (Bone)

Fear is universal – a shared human experience that provokes awe, curiosity and terror. It feeds our anxieties, elevating our heartbeats and driving the instinct to survive. But what are we afraid of – and why?

Each story in this anthology seeks to answer that question, blurring the boundaries between horror and fantasy fiction.

A collection of tales written to evoke feelings of discomfort and despair, fear and fascination in equal measure – inspired by the different parts of our own fragile, breakable, all-too-mortal bodies.

Ranging from dark, blood-stained gothic streets to haunting visions of otherworldly beings to drug-fuelled paranoia trips that twist reality, The Anatomy of Fear is an exploration of the dark realms of the mind.

The Anatomy of Fear

Edited by Sarah Chorn, The Anatomy of Fear is a fantasy-horror anthology featuring stories by Krystle Matar, Sean Crow, Tim Hardie, Zamil Akhtar, Bjorn Larssen, LL MacRae, BA Bellec, Lee C Conley, Trudie Skies, Jacob Sannox, HL Tinsley, and Ryan Howse. The story written by Trudie is based on blood.

Additional Info:

Series: Standalone Anthology
Genre: Dark Fantasy / Horror
Age Range: Adult 16+ (Content Warnings provided in book)
Book Type: Paperback, Ebook, Audiobook
Pages: 409 (paperback)
Published: November 16, 2023
Edited By: Sarah Chorn
Cover Artist: Dawn Larder
Audiobook Narrator: RJ Bayley
ISBN: 979-8860736474 (Paperback)

What Readers are Saying…

Ed Crocker

Rating: 5 out of 5.

On Blood: “Some authors, for example, focus more on the horror than the fantasy, clearly having fun playing in a different genre. Perhaps the most successful of these is Trudie Skies’ glorious opener Blood, a classic hammer horror vampire tale.”

Sue Bavey

Rating: 5 out of 5.

On Blood: “A deliciously creepy gothic horror tale of a vampire hunter in an Agatha Christie style whodunnit at an isolated dinner party. The hostess paints in blood and her guests include a funeral director and a phlebotomist. This was an immersive story and a lot of fun to read. I didn’t guess who the vampire was until the final reveal!”

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