About the Covenant

The Covenant is a constitution of rights decided between the gods and their mortal voices, the ambassadors of each domain. This acts as a guideline for how mortals should behave outside of their domain and also ensures that the gods cannot willingly abuse their mortals or those of rival domains.

These rules must be obeyed by all mortals who enter Chime, and they are enforced by the Wardens. Failure to obey the Covenant can result in exile from Chime.

The Covenant of Mortals and Gods

We, the standing ambassadors of the twelve domains, do pledge to speak true as the holy voice of our patron gods. We ordain this Covenant as a record and warrant between mortals and immortals and agree to uphold its decrees in the eyes of our almighty gods, the faithful, and the Wardens who watch us.

The gods do pledge:

  1. To create mortal life which obeys the laws of time.
  2. To allow their mortals to exercise free will.
  3. To provide a domain [hereby known as Chime] where mortals may seek life and liberty.
  4. To bar non-mortal lives from entering this domain [Chime].
  5. To allow mortals safe passage into their own domain.
  6. To not interfere with the life or liberty of mortals belonging to other domains.

In turn, the mortals do pledge:

  1. To honor their god and domain through factious worship and prayer.
  2. To honor their god and domain by abstaining from sin.
  3. To honor and respect the gods and mortals of other domains.
  4. To honor and obey the ordinance of Chime.
  5. To honor and obey the word of the Wardens.
  6. To not commit the unforgivable sins of blasphemy and apostasy.
  7. To bear a mark identifying citizenship to Chime and the twelve domains.

All mortals are made equal in the gods’ eyes and shall be granted the same privileges and opportunities on Chime. Should a mortal fail to uphold these seven laws or commit an unforgivable sin, their right to life and liberty within Chime is forfeit.

The Wardens do pledge to serve Chime and her mortals in accordance with these values and in honor of the gods and their mortal voices.

Signed by the twelve standing ambassadors in the eyes of our almighty gods, the faithful, and the Wardens who watch us.

The Unforgivable Sins


To blaspheme: an impious utterance or action that besmirches one’s patron god or the gods of other domains. To assume one’s standing is above one’s patron god.
Examples: curse words, disrespectful speech, or hateful imagery.


To reject the blessings and love of one’s patron god.
To reject the laws of the Covenant.
To commit idolatry for another god or object in place of one’s patron god.
To live a life of blasphemy and depravity.