The Domains

Welcome to the world of The Cruel Gods! In this universe, there are twelve gods who reside over their own domains and the mortals they create in their image. Mortals can leave their domain through a magical portal known as the Gate which connects to the hourglass city of Chime, a home for mortals only which the gods cannot touch. From Chime, mortals can travel back to their domain or visit the others.

The Gate cycles through each domain at the turn of the hour, thus if a mortal misses their designated crossing, they must wait twelve hours for the next one. These domains are allocated a time on the clock.


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The Twelve Domains

Below are descriptions of all twelve domains, their crossing times, and the mortals who call them home:

Memoria is an underwater city. It is home to the Amnae and ruled by the jellyfish god, Anima. Considered to be a peaceful and pleasant domain, Memoria has some of the most prestigious academic institutions.

The Amnae

The Amnae are a fish-inspired race who need special adaptations to breathe the air of Chime. Whilst they make remarkable swimmers, the Amnae’s true power lies in their ability to examine and manipulate memories.

Juniper is a natural jungle. It is home to the Fauna and ruled by the chimera god, Faen. Considered to be inhospitable and dangerous, many of the Fauna live in dens and hunt one another.

The Fauna

The Fauna are animal shifters who can instantaneously change into an animal persona, or a half-human, half-animal hybrid. Many have animalistic instincts and struggle to adapt to Chime’s polite society.

Heartstone is full of picturesque mountains and valleys. It is home to the Umber and ruled by the mountain god, Unghard. Known as the heart of craft and trade, many visit this domain to apprentice as blacksmiths or other crafts, and their goods are imported to Chime.

The Umber

The Umber are a stone golem-inspired race, though some resemble natural trees and have leaves or vines for hair and flowers for eyebrows. Their strength makes them ideal laborers, though they can also instantly grow and manipulate plant life.

Solaris is a beautiful golden city. It is home to the Glimmer and ruled by the sun god, Gildola. Considered to be the holiest of all domains, Solaris is full of cathedrals and other places of worship.

The Glimmer

The Glimmer are a high elf-inspired race that glow with sunlight and can also summon and use sunlight as a deadly weapon. Glimmer are exclusively female and are the most pious of all the domains. Their natural riches and snotty disposition has put them at the top of Chime’s social class.

Arcadia is made up of many paradise islands. It is home to the Seren and ruled by the marble statue god, Serenity. Many domains take advantage of these summer isles as a holiday destination, and each island has its own art galleries and museums as well as theatres.

The Seren

The Seren are a cherub-inspired race and are the shortest of the domains, averaging at 4-foot in height. They have pastel-coloured skin and wings they use to get around. Seren are incredibly artistic, however they are banned from singing due to their siren-like manipulation.

Witheryn is a frozen wasteland. It is home to the Necro and ruled by The Nameless One, a dark god who appears in many nightmares. Considered to be inhospitable and deadly, most avoid the desolate ruins of Witheryn, however some risk travel for the plastic surgery clinics that Necro operate.

The Necro

The Necro are an undead-inspired race. Whilst not technically dead, their skin is deathly pale and cold and they do not need to breathe. They can manipulate the physiology of mortal bodies, however they also hunger for flesh and blood.

Tempest is a never-ending sky world full of floating islands and airships. It is home to the Zephyr and ruled by the machine god, Zyclone. Though technically a “safe” domain, many avoid travelling here due to the dangerous walkways between airships.

The Zephyr

The Zephyr are a bird-inspired race with massive wings that allow them to fly. Most Zephyr are obsessed with technology, however, and spend their lives inventing new gadgets. They hate small talk.

Obituary is a deadly desert world. It is home to the Leander and ruled by the three-headed lion god, Lionheart. Designed to test a mortal’s strength and skills, Obituary is full of dangers and also has many arenas for sports and competitive fighting.

The Leander

The Leander are a lion-inspired race with sharp teeth and claws who value challenge and competition. They often engage in sports and take every opportunity to dominate the other domains and prove themselves superior.

Rapture is a colorful city built inside an active volcano. It is home to the Ember and ruled by the fire god, Edana. Resembling the Las Vegas strip, Rapture is full of casinos, bars, and brothels. It serves as a den of sin, which attracts mortals looking for a good time.

The Ember

The Ember are a tiefling/succubus-inspired race with the power to summon and manipulate flame. They are the sinners of Chime and enjoy throwing parties and indulging in pleasure and passion.

Eventide is an autumnal countryside dominated by bioluminescent mushrooms. It is home to the Vesper and ruled by the moonlight god, Valeria. Considered to be inhospitable at times, the countryside is full of mushroom farmers who import a variety of mushrooms to Chime.

The Vesper

The Vesper are a dark elf-inspired race and the masters of dusk. Considered to be a grumpy lot, the Vesper prefer dark places and can summon and manipulate shadows. They’re known as mushroom-peddlers and pickpockets.

Phantasy is the smallest of the domains and is a city built inside an observatory in space. It is home to the Mesmer and ruled by the dream god, Mesmorpheus. Many mortals travel to Phantasy to visit the Mesmer’s dream parlors and explore their subconscious.

The Mesmer

The Mesmer are dreamers who are often confused by reality and prefer to nap instead. They can travel between their own dreams and manipulate the dreams of others. They enjoy candy, but regularly suffer from visions and nightmares.

Kronos is a clockwork city of the future. It is home to the Diviner and ruled by the god of time, Dor. Similar to Chime, Kronos is a steam-powered wonder that represents the future of the domains and Chime itself. It has many modern office skyscrapers.

The Diviner

The Diviner are masters of time, which puts them at the top of Chime’s political hierarchy. Diviner are mostly male, commonly with metallic silver skin, and they value logic and order. They can manipulate short pockets of time and also view the past and future of other mortals through touch.