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The Cruel Gods Domain Reading Challenge!

Because I love finding new ways to procrastinate, and this is the year when the final Cruel Gods book releases, I thought it would be fun to host a year-long reading challenge! This is a book reading challenge featuring twelve prompts, one per month, based on the twelve domains of Chime as featured within The Cruel Gods series.


Each month of the year will be themed around a specific domain and prompt relating to that domain. Readers can choose to share recommendations for books that fit the domain prompt (indie books preferred where possible but not mandatory) and you can also share which book(s) you plan to read. At the end of the month, the domain and prompt will change to the next one! And so on as we go through the year.

To make things more fun, we’ll also have a few giveaways from The Cruel Gods series or recommended books through each month. You don’t need to have read from The Cruel Gods series to take part. You can learn more about the domains here.

To learn more, take part in the giveaways, and share recommendations, join my Discord server!

Some awesome bloggers and readers have already shared their recommendations for the entire year, so if you need ideas, see suggestions from Rowena of the Beneath a Thousand Skies blog, Mat from the Tiny Elf Arcanist blog, and from Steve on Before We Go Blog. You can also sign up and take part on Storygraph! Thanks to Tufty McTavish for setting that up.

Let’s kick off the reading challenge with the first prompt!


Memoria is an underwater city. It is home to the Amnae and ruled by the jellyfish god, Anima. Considered to be a peaceful and pleasant domain, Memoria has some of the most prestigious academic institutions.

Memoria’s Prompt: A book set in or on the ocean.

Here are some books that members from the Discord server recommend for this month’s prompt:


(Note: some of these are due for release in January but aren’t out yet)

I’ll be back in February with next month’s prompt and recommended reading list. Feel free to share yours!

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