The End of Time Paperback Out Now

Paperback copies for The End of Time are now available on Amazon! Take a look at the full page spread:

You can find The End of Time, the third and final book in The Cruel Gods series, on the US Amazon store and UK store. Other countries should be available soon.

There is one slight issue! In order to fit this gigantic book into a paperback on Amazon, I needed to lower the font size by a point. The paperback is still perfectly readable, but if you’d sooner have a copy in the same font size as the previous books, I will be publishing a better print quality book on my Kofi store hopefully in the coming weeks. These are slightly more expensive due to the high quality print, but they also come signed by the author (me!) and with a bookmark. Keep an eye on my Kofi page or newsletter for information regarding those!

But if you can’t wait, I hope you enjoy this final installment in The Cruel Gods. Lots of readers have already torn their way through the ebook and on Kindle Unlimited. Here’s two reviews by happy readers:

I’ve been waiting excitedly for the release of this final part of the Cruel Gods series by Trudie Skies – and I have not been disappointed. It has met all my expectations – and then some!

Phil Parker

I recommend this book to everyone who appreciates wit, depth, wars, destructions of worlds, incredible worldbuilding, genocide, childhood, adulthood, tea with wrong milk, longing for family and love, betrayal mixing with loyalty in surprising proportions, regrets, joy, oral sex, descriptions of Leander penises (I don’t think I will get over this ever), not enough descriptions of naked Wolfsbane (do I really have to write fanfic for my needs to be satisfied?), diversity that puts #diversity to shame, and pure enjoyment.

Bjørn Larssen

I hope to see you in Chime one last time!

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