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Sometimes video games can be used to tell stories as well as be apart of them! There are a few typing-based games out there, but not all of them allow you to take part of a greater story or even write your own. I’ve played a few which I wanted to recommend, but I’m always on the lookout for more.

Here are three writing-based games for Steam as created by indie developers. All three are artistic and wholesome, and reasonably priced too! Take a look:

Elegy for a Dead World

If you’ve ever wanted to explore far off words and leave mournful messages about long-dead civilizations, then this is for you! Elegy is an artistic game with writing prompts at the heart of it. During your journey to these worlds, you’ll take on different roles and be prompted into writing a little story about them. There’s complete freedom to write what you want and even share them.

If you love sci-fi stories and want inspiration for you own, then this could give you the ideas you need.

You can find Elegy for a Dead World on Steam.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

Epistory is an epic 3D adventure where you explore a world made from paper craft in order to help a writer overcome writer’s block. Sounds relatable huh? In Epistory, you start with a blank page and have to guide a writer’s muse through various puzzles to gather inspiration. It’s part adventure game part typing simulator as you physically type out actions and commands to progress and unravel the story.

Though you’re not writing your own stories, it’s a beautifully realised game with a unique story that may inspire your own stories!

You can find Epistory on Steam.

Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)

Whilst not technically based on stories, Kind Words is more of a letter-sharing simulator where you exchange positive messages with pen pals across the world. The idea behind it is very relaxing and wholesome as you’ll send and receive letters whilst also collecting stickers. It’s a social game, but if you love writing nice words for other people, this may be for you.

And there’s nothing to stop you from sharing your poetry!

You can find Kind Words on Steam.

Do you know of any other interesting writing games out there? Let me know!

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